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Database publishing
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Print your database!
Xactuell allows you to transfer information from databases into layout documents and backwards.
It communicates with all common databases and interchange formats like MySQL, Microsoft SQL,
Oracle, Excel, FileMaker, XML, CSV, DB/2, Sybase, Access, SQlite, Informix, Lotus Notes, ...
An iBase database is already included. Xactuell can be used without any SQL or database knowledge.

With Xactuell it is possible to link text sections inside of text boxes, entire text boxes, picture boxes and tables.
Once a link between a layout document and a database is established, the linked objects
(e.g. prices, texts and pictures) in the document can be updated at any time.

During the update process the database is queried with standard or user-defined SQL queries,
and the document is updated with the information currently stored in the database.
Prices, texts or pictures are inserted into the corresponding objects in the document.
The update can either cover the entire document, or refer to certain selected page areas or queries only
(e.g. if only the prices, but not the corresponding product descriptions are to be updated).
If required, the process also works the other way round: data from the layout document can be written back
onto the database, e.g. to create a page index.

Xactuell understands the full command scope of the tagged text filter, e.g. for formatting text passages
exactly as they should appear in your layout.
Use any layout you like, store templates in libraries, write scripts in order to generate entire catalogues automatically.

Feel free to make manual layout modifications at any time, your layout will stay a native layout document
(enriched with the latest information from your database).

Catalogues produced with Xactuell can always have an individual appearance and do not necessarily look
like typical generated "database publishing" catalogues.

Xactuell supports cross program and cross platform workflows between InDesign, QuarkXPress, Mac and Windows.

What's new in this version:

  • Free demo version!
  • Database Publishing with InDesign and QuarkXPress!
  • Extensible system to meet your specific requirements.
  • Extended database support (MySQL 5.0 and SQLite 3.4.1).
  • Improved table support.
  • Improved object attributes.
  • Improved Scripting.
  • All dialogues are Unicode-ready.
  • Create your own pulldown menues for Xactuell tasks.
  • All dialogues are Unicode-ready.
  • New and improved scriptcommands/variables.
  • Use a temporary database for calculations.
  • Use "MultiReferenz" in pagination lists.
  • Place templates "absolute" and precise through a pagination list.
  • Improved "Anchbox" tag for anchored text and picture boxes.
  • English and german unser manual and quickstart tutorial with movies!

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