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Cacidi Contact Sheet Pro CS4 by Cacidi Systems Aps.
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Cacidi Contact Sheet Pro CS4

By Cacidi Systems Aps.
Plugin for:
InDesign Plugin available for Macintosh Plugin available for Windows 
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With the ambition of bringing the market a second-to-none solution for contact sheets and picture packages, Contact Sheet Pro is the tool for the professional photographer or advanced prosumer, in demand for superior features and functionality. Creativity is key Use all InDesign’s advanced cool design features like drop shadow, feather or transparency. You decide how your picture package or contact sheet is designed, and which included image information (metadata) will appear in the document. All objects like polygons, starbursts or other shapes can be used as image-, text-, or decoration fields. Design and appearance – Contact Sheet has got it all You are in charge of all objects design and appearance – use any setting you choose; indent, multiple columns, dotted outlines – the choice is yours. Text info The recognized "Merge" engine of the Cacidi Extreme Suite product is built into Contact Sheet Pro, simply letting you define fixed and variable text (metadata text information included in images), and allows you to typeset the text using InDesign paragraph and character styling. Metadata Contact Sheet takes full advantage of the new EXIF and XMP standards, and allows you to detect and use information for apperture, shooter speed, filepath, filename, color space and 69 more information types included in images. Ease of use Create your design, use the palette buttons to rapidly apply the most common metadata information like fiepath, filename and color space. User defined build method Define whether you want your picture package or contact sheet to be created vertically or horizontally. Locked images Many school or social photographers create group photographs that needs to be alike for all pages in a picture package. Use the "Lock" feature to fix a specific image to all picture packages or contact sheets, and combine with individual portraits for all persons. Contact Sheet supports unlimited number of "Locked" images in each picture package. Automatic scaling and rotation Contact Sheet Pro scales and rotates your images based on your palette selections. ”First scale” centers and scales images to bounding box and "Second scale" fills the image box entirely with image content. Automatic search engine Contact Sheet Pro automatically searches for placeable images including folder subdirectories. Available for CS2 and CS3

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