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By Ennovative Inc.
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The Fastest, easiest and most flexible method for producing sophisticated marketing materials

Ideal for product catalogs, brochures, price lists, variable data mailers, and other types of publications, enAble for Adobe InDesign can dramatically speed up page make-up time and ensure your publications remain error free. enAble for Adobe InDesign has quickly established itself as one of the most powerful and flexible database publishing solutions for Adobe InDesign.

EnAble for InDesign can use a variety of data sources such as CSV files, ODBC connected databases, as well as our powerful enAble Catalog Information Management System.

Keep your printed materials in sync

Bi-Directional data synchronization will keep data inline between the datasource and document. If your designers catch a typo or mis-spelling in the document, they may correct it right on the page and then sync the changes back to the data source, eliminating extra work to notify someone else to change the data. Likewise, if there are changes in the data source, such as corrections, deletions, or new records added, the designers will know through the use of color coded indicators in the data panel and within the document itself.

InDesign Product 'styles' may be designed using data placeholders embedded in InDesign frames. Product styles may also be saved and stored in enAble for InDesign libraries. When product information is rendered/paginated to InDesign pages, product styles can automatically be selected, enabling large complex documents to be created in minutes. For even more complex layouts, product information and images can be dragged and dropped from enAble for InDesign's data panel.

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