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By aextra software
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InDihyph CS3 – hyphenation new defined InDihyph CS3 bases on the leading hyphenation algorithms of the Dieckmann, which has been also already integrated into our CS and CS2 products. The combination of program Logic and Tables makes InDihyph to a unique hyphenation engine. The algorithms base on the grammatical rules of the respective language. Where the algorithms are not sufficient any more– for example with combined or compound words, special terms, or new fashion words – the exception tables join in order to accomplish correct hyphenation. Of course, InDihyph is also aware of different word endings, pre- and suffices and hyphenates accordingly. Now with InDihyph CS3 whole word groups covered with one single hyphenation rule. An example would be to cover all concepts of the formula 1 by one single rule. Different hyphenation qualities with InDihyph InDihyph does not only report “hyphenation point” to the InCopy/InDesign composer, but also “excellent, very good, good, good acceptable and acceptable hyphenation point”. This leads to the result that bad hyphenation is avoided as far as possible. A good example is “misin-formed” which will be reported with the worst hyphenation quality and therefore only used if needs be, for example within very narrow columns. InDihyph CS3 integrates as the only hyphenation engine for Adobe InDesign and InCopy CS3 own paragraph composers. Now the composition of a paragraph can be exactly controlled by the hyphenation qualities assigned to a paragraph. A substantially improved typeface thereby arises. With wide columns, the best hyphenation quality can be used, with narrow columns hyphenation quality can be set to acceptable. The hyphenation qualities themselves can be assigned by paragraph palette or paragraph style options. The InDihyph Runtime, which can be copied without restrictions, make sure, that the paragraph composer and hyphenation quality information’s will not been lost without an installed InDihyph CS3 Plug-In, and this in the completely editorial workflow.

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