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Newspaper Plug-in

By Layout Ltd.
Plugin for:
InDesign Plugin available for Macintosh 
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Introduction Newspaper Plug-in, an Adobe InDesign Plug-In, enables managers and chief editors to monitor the progress of the current newspaper edition, while it is being produced, on your system's web browser. Newspaper Plug-in allows users to receive customized warnings on errors. Features & Benefits Improve Efficiency Newspaper Plug-in gives you total control over the newspaper because you monitor its status electronically at all times through any web browser. Newspaper Plug-in puts it all at your fingertips! Reduce Cost With Newspaper Plug-in, say goodbye to all costly design and pre- and post-printing errors. Newspaper Plug-in saves you valuable time and money and ensures that no last-minute mistakes are found in the final stage of your print job FEATURES An XPort feature allows you to electronically export your newspaper preview in HTML form. The HTML Preview is exported in specified time increments or when the document is saved so that you continuously monitor your job's status through your system's web browser. Access a thumbnail preview of the current newspaper pages, as they are being produced, and a full preview of each page. In addition, you can preview previously published issues; simply select a desired date, specify a range of pages you want to preview from previous editions of the newspaper, and the selected portion of the newspaper is accessible right from your system's web browser. Newspaper Plug-in allows you to guarantee a total control over your newspaper and to be updated on its progress at all times. System Requirements Macintosh PowerPC G3 or faster 128MB RAM 20MB Hard Disk Space 1 CD-ROM drive for Installation InDesign CS2 Windows Version currently not available

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