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BrowsePlus- Browser for InDesign, Mutiple Tabs in InDesign by MetaDesign Solutions
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BrowsePlus- Browser for InDesign, Mutiple Tabs in InDesign

By MetaDesign Solutions
Plugin for:
InDesign Plugin available for Macintosh Plugin available for Windows 
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BrowsePlus gears your InDesign with the complete features of a browser. BrowsePlus increases your efficiency to many folds while working within InDesign by allowing you to simply drag and drop images, stories and text from your favorite websites right into your InDesign documents, while working within InDesign. It is a powerful tool for custom integration with both OpenSource and Commercial Content Management Systems.

Manage Bookmarks, Check emails, Watch Videos - all inside InDesign!!!
With BrowsePlus, you can easily add and edit bookmarks for your favorite websites, work on your emails, watch videos, search for pictures and documents - all within Indesign workspace.

Integrate Search in the InDesign's context menu
Not sure about a word written in the InDesign document while editing it? No issues. Simply make a right click on the word and BrowsePlus will search the Internet using the same keyword, and that even within the InDesign document itself.

Multiple Tabs
By allowing you to work in muliple tabs, BrowsePlus allows you to work simultaneously with multiple websites within the existing workspace of InDesign. Smart. Isn't it?


* Excellent tool to integrate web CMS with InDesign

* Facilitate tab based internet and folder browsing

* Perform drag n drop of images and text efficiently and quickly

* Search related images on internet for selected text

* Perform Goggle search for selected text

* Facilitate all functionalities of a browser window in InDesign

* Store all images dropped in one centralized location.

* Manage bookmarks and favorites

* Saves significant time while doing routine InDesign work

* On-going Development ensures frequent updates

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