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Old paper

By PanosFX
Plugin for:
Photoshop Plugin available for Macintosh Plugin available for Windows 
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The OLD PAPER is a bundle of 3 different sets of Photoshop actions:

1. The OLD NEWSPAPER actions
This photo aging set will make your image look as if it were printed long ago on a newspaper. The actions replicate the creased old paper texture and color. You can manipulate a number of effects:

-change the paper color and fine-tune the texture,
-edit the halftone pattern,
-blend the image with the paper texture,
-add 2 different edge effects (Torn/Burnt),
-add 3 staining effects (Stains/Spots/Catastrophe).

All layers are left intact at the end. The staining actions use layer masks for enhanced post-editing.

2. The WANTED POSTER actions
This set creates an impressive "Wanted Poster" from scratch!

-You can edit the poster texts & the reward amount.
-You can edit the paper color, texture and the photo appearance and add 2 "dog-ear" corners.
-The arsenal of the staining effects is similar to the previous set.
-In addition the actions create some very cool features such as nails and bullet holes on the poster!

3. The OLD MANUSCRIPT actions
This set is written for those who want to create a realistic old paper and use it to create impressive old manuscripts, letters, etc.

-The actions produce 2 hi-res images (A4 and US letter sizes) which you can print or show off on the web.
-8 ageing effects let you spice up the final result.


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