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Database publishing
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Database Publishing with X-Publisher: InDesign CS2-PlugIn / InCopy CS2-PlugIn Functions... Database Binding: -ADO, Access(Jet), Microsoft SQL Server -MySQL: More Databases, on Server- and Client-Side could be done in 1 Process. -SQLite: This high-performant Databse is free and totally integrated. -XML: Various XML-Files could be referenced in 1 Database Model(ER-Model). SubNodes will be automatically mapped on Relations and could be prompted with SQL. -IMDB: For high-performant Execution an In-Memory Databse is integrated. -Service: Do you have proprietary Systems, so these could be adjusted over an API. ->If you want to lash more Databases, we gladly do it for you. Synchronisation Mechanisms: -Synchronisation through Document and Panel -Synchronisation through Panel and Document -Synchronisation through Panel and Database ->If you want to have more Syhronisation Mechanisms, we can set up you these in Border of an Project... Status Report: With the Status Report you can comfortable display different Synchronisation States in the Form of an PDF- or RTF-Document or additional add in a Moment as an Appendix in an Email. (This Function with Appendix in an Email will be implemented at the Moment). Following individually Status Report-Blocks you can choose for your own Status Report: -All Database Fields. -In Document setted Database Fields. -Not in Document setted Database Fields. -In Document setted and modified Database Fields. -In Document setted, modified and with Panel synchronized Database Fields. -All Database Fields with Errors. Of course our InDesign CS2-PlugIn / InCopy CS2-PlugIn has still a lot of Functionality, which you can test extensivly. Do you have Database Models(ER-Models – complex or also simple?) and want to display these Data in XML or SQL-Format in InDesign CS2 / InCopy CS2, then you are exactly right here.

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